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Diploma in Local Anaesthesia


Theory Element
The theory section of the course comprises of 2 modules: “Understanding Pain and Pain Management” and “Local Anaesthesia for Podiatry Practice”. Both of these must be passed prior to progressing onto the clinical element.



Clinical Element
The mandatory 3 day clinical practice element of the course focuses on the administration of local anaesthesia and is carried out in three stages: the review of underpinning theory, practical clinical skills training on simulation models and carrying out supervised clinical practice on clients attending The Smae Institutes clinics.


Course Fee: £1,200

PNA Course

After successful completion of The SMAE Institute Diploma in Local Anaesthesia, students may opt to complete a course in Partial Nail Avulsion at no extra cost.

Course Time Table


Open / Registration Day (Location: The SMAE Institute)

Saturday 24th March 2018


Introductory Lectures (Location: The SMAE Institute)

Friday 25th May 2018


Module 1 (Location: e-Learning)

Begins: Monday 28th May 2018


Module 1 Assessment Submission

Friday 24th August 2018


Module 2 (Location: e-Learning)

Begins: Monday 1st October 2018


Module 2 Assessment Submission

Friday 14th December 2018


Clinical Practice

Early 2019